Logan resident celebrates 100th birthday

QCSun staff

While many will give thanks for family, friends and a great meal this Thanksgiving, Geralladin Barry will be thankful for celebrating her 100th birthday.

Barry said she was born Nov. 25, 1910 in Pennsylvania. She said she cannot recall the town of her birth and her birth certificate contained an error.

“I don’t know why mother never had that fixed,” Barry said. “I suppose I will ask her the next time I see her.”

For the past three years, Barry has been a resident at Autumn Blessings Assisted Living Home in Logan.

On Monday the staff and residents of Autumn Blessings held an early birthday party for Barry. A reporter was late for the party, and was greeted by Barry with stern words.

“I am not too happy with the press right now,” Barry said. “I thank you for coming, though.”

Barry tired to recall events she had experienced over the years. She started with the Thanksgiving birthday.

“This is not the first time my birthday was on Thanksgiving, but it may be the last,” Barry said with a laugh.

Barry said Thanksgiving has been different for her since she and her sisters Zelva and Artha moved here from Helen Mills, Pa. in 1970.

“As a Yankee, you celebrate your holidays a lot different,” Barry said. “There was a lot more festivity where we came from.”

Barry said the only difference in her Thanksgivings through the years is she never liked pumpkin pie as a child, but loves it as an adult.

Barry recalls living in Helen Mills, Pa., while her father, Birchrum, worked at the big power plant.

“Those times were different for a woman,” Barry said. “Your responsibilities were the upkeep of the home.”

Barry said women today have much more responsibilities and freedoms than she ever dreamt possible.

Through the years, Barry has lived through the swearing in of 18 U.S. presidents. The two instances she recalled were John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963 and Franklin D. Roosevelt taking office in 1933.

“Roosevelt was the first Democrat president in a long time. Many still don’t know how he won,” Barry said.

Barry said there was no secret to living as long as she has, in fact it has been a surprise to her that she is still around.

“I certainly did not plan on being around this long,” Barry said with a laugh. “You just have to live it as it comes, and not look back.”

At the end of the interview, Barry said she enjoyed talking with the reporter and hoped she had been of some help. She said she hoped she gave enough information because she will not be around much longer.

When asked where she was going, Barry replied “Where all good angels go.”