Christmas brings back memories

Lynn Moncus

By the time this is printed, we should have most of the major Christmas tasks
completed and should be thinking about plans for Christmas Day.
Remember when we were children and these last days went by so very slowly? Our excitement would build as those seconds ticked by, and we would be so exhausted by Christmas Eve that we would fall asleep long before time for Santa to arrive. Of course, those of us who had the privilege of living in the country would have attended the Christmas tree at the community school or church and would be asleep by the time we arrived home, thus causing our fathers to carry us to the house.
Because we had slept well during the evening, we would awaken long before dawn and would rush in to see what Santa had brought during the night. We’d gather around the tree and wait for some member of the family to hand out the gifts.
Sometimes, we’d have to wait for a bit while our parents lighted the lamps and started a fire in the pot-bellied stove and in the kitchen stove. I am sure they noticed the cold, but our excitement kept us warm and made us want to see our gifts at once.
Those stockings, with the orange, a few pecans and peanuts, and some hard candy, were very special to us and were emptied and refilled several times before the contents were consumed during the day. We usually had one major gift and perhaps a few small ones, but we never felt deprived and were living some of our happiest moments, even though we might not have realized it then.
On this Christmas Eve or morning, many of us will continue those traditions we learned so many years ago. Some of us may not have the families around us, but we still celebrate Christ’s birth and still feel the anticipation of opening our gifts. My morning will begin with that opening and will be made particularly happy because Aggie will be beside me and will be just as excited as I was all those years ago. She checks each gift very carefully, whether it is hers or mine, and then awaits the opening of the next one. She will enjoy her gifts throughout the day and for several days to come because she has the treats rationed despite her desire to eat all of them at once.
Let’s all enjoy these days approaching Christmas and then have a joyous and blessed Christmas.

Lynn Moncus is a resident of Tucumcari and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun at 461-1952.