Logan elementary holiday program creates big buzz

Thomas Garcia

“Christmas is a time meant for sharing” was the message the Logan Elementary students kept bugging their parents about during Monday night’s program.

Bumblebees, lady bugs, fireflies and termites joined together to spread the message of “A Bug’s Christmas.”

The preschool, kindergarten and first grade students opened the program with a few bug-themed songs.

After the intro, the second graders (fireflies), third graders (bumblebees), fourth and fifth grade girls (lady bugs) and fourth and fifth grade boys (termites) took to the stage.

“Consider this your invitation to Christmas infestation,” said ladybug Kaylee Foote.

As the different bugs were introduced, a song was sung with their unique niche. The bumblebees entered with a dance to “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

The program centered around a dilemma as the termites had eaten all of the Christmas lights on the tree.

The ladybugs expressed their dismay as they knew the Queen Bee, played by Shelby Stone, was soon to be on her way and would be displeased about the lights on her Christmas tree. Stone’s concern was “What is Christmas with a tree with no lights?”

Despite their destructive role, the termites elected to help as Chris Gurule suggested asking the fireflies for help.

The fireflies entered the scene saving Christmas by lighting the tree. Despite saving Christmas, the termites elected to leave but were stopped by Foote’s decree.

“No one should be left out on this special holiday,” Foote said. “We should make room for everyone on this and every day.”

With newfound friendships and the spirit of sharing renewed, the students closed the program with “The 12 Days of Bug Christmas.”

“We have been working on the choreography since September,” said Angie Medrow, program coordinator.

Medrow said when selecting this year’s program, she needed a theme in which all of the students could participate. She said the students learned the songs first, then for an hour every week each class learned their choreography.

“It was a bit labor intensive,” Medrow said with a laugh. “I made the wings and antennas for the entire program myself. Senior Cassandra Cannon helped to decorate the wings and the backdrop used in the play.”

Cannon said there was so much to do with little time. She said she was asked if she would like to be Medrow’s assistant with the program.

“I have always enjoyed crafts and making things,” Cannon said.

Medrow’s four months of planning, designing and coordinating culminated Monday night. She said the program was a huge success.

“They always put on such a great show,” Medrow said. “They all worked so hard to get ready and tonight all of their efforts showed.”