Residents greet new year in different ways

Lynn Moncus

Just as we begin to enjoy one calendar, we have to change in order to keep up with the years. These years seem to speed by, leaving many of us breathless and wondering what has happened.

Although this woman from Ima no longer attends New Year’s Eve affairs, I still like to watch the clock strike midnight and listen to the echoes from the past. As we have said in other such columns, we once had a fairly noisy town at that time. The fire whistle on the water tower could be heard in most areas. The train whistles and round house whistle added much to that chorus. Cheers at the various affairs also added to the spirit of celebration.

Of course, when we lived in the courthouse, we had one of the best spots in town to listen to the cacophony of sounds and cheers. We would open the windows or step onto the balcony to enjoy the celebration. We could hear the cheers from the dance at the Community House, the Elks Club, several of the church watch parties, and could watch many citizens driving through the streets while honking their car horns and bellowing out a few yells.

The contrast between those New Year’s Eves and the ones in the canyon are similar to those in town today and in the past. Well, the contrast between those in the canyon and those in town are still marked because we just sat by lamp light and listened to the radio or attended a watch party in the community and enjoyed the quiet passing of one year to the next. At least, we have our televisions to watch today and can sometimes hear a few fireworks in town. Some of us will begin watching the crowds in New York at 10 p.m. and will see the re-runs until after midnight here. We may even call a friend or two to help greet the new year. Some will sleep through the change but will be just as ready to begin another year as they greet Jan. 1, 2011.

Whichever way we choose to welcome the new year, we need to look forward to making it as special as we can. We have another twelve months to make improvements in our lives and all those days to help each other as we turn the pages of the calendar. If we can find something good each day, we will find that we can even have a few positive thoughts about the year. If we can keep smiling, we can make our lives worthwhile and can continue adding to our history. Let’s all have a blessed 2011!

Lynn Moncus is a resident of Tucumcari and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun at 461-1952.