Logan School Board candidates weigh in on education

Thomas Garcia

Two candidates have filled to run for Position 1 of the Logan School Board as incumbent Cinda Barber will not seek re-election.

“It was a personal decision not to seek re-election,” said Barber. “My oldest child is graduating this year. I felt it was time for someone to give it a go.”

Barber has been a Logan Schools board member since 1998.

The candidates

Lynn Birch is a retired teacher from Clovis Municipal Schools who says her past teaching experience will benefit the board.

“As a retired educator, my expertise would be an asset to the school board and community,” Birch said. “Another plus side is I am retired and can dedicate all my time on improving the programs at Logan schools.”

Birch said she has had a residence in Logan since 1986 and became a full-time resident in 2008 following her retirement.

Birch has a master’s in education administration from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales and is a Nationally Board Certified teacher in careers/technical education.

Birch’s teaching career began in 1989 when she became a kindergarten educational assistant at Sandia Elementary School in Clovis. Since that time she has been an elementary librarian, a sixth grade teacher, a junior high teacher of science, English and gifted education and applied communications. She was also a Technology Lab 2000 facilitator in Clovis.

Before retiring in 2008, Birch said she was the Title 1 technology program specialist for Clovis Municipal Schools. Her duties included the training and supporting of teachers in different applications and technologies. She taught lessons on integrating technology, brain research and English as a Second Language strategies into the teachers’ curriculum.

“I worked primarily with the schools which did not pass the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) test goals,” Birch said. “I worked with the teachers to develop effective teaching strategies for their students.”

Birch said Logan schools has a great program in place and a strong school district, but there is always room for improvement.

Bobby Hines is a local business owner who has lived in Logan since 1997 and has two daughters enrolled at Logan schools.

“You could say I have a vested interest in Logan schools,” Hines said. “I would like the opportunity to be a part of the school system at the board level.”

Hines said Logan has a great teaching staff and upper administration in place. He said the education offered at the school is outstanding.

“You can never learn too much,” Hines said. “One thing I would look into, if elected, is making sure technology is part of the younger students’ education.”

Hines said an increased interaction with technology will increase a student’s chances of success when they graduate from Logan.

“We need to seek out more funding from the state and federal levels for continued training for our teachers,” Hines said. “Each student learns differently, and making sure our teachers have the resources and training needed to reach each student is vital.”

Hines said he has seen how Logan schools have stepped up their curriculum.

“What my daughter is learning in seventh grade, I was taught when I was in ninth grade,” Hines said. “If elected, I will go into the position with an open mind to make changes in the best interest of the children’s education.”