Mistakes facilitate life’s process

Russell Anglin

Do you remember that really stupid thing you did not so long ago? Or maybe that one day where all you did was stupid things? Why did you do that, anyway?
It’s not very much fun to think about. It might even make it a little harder to just go about your daily routine, but there’s really nothing you can do now. Maybe everybody forgot about it.
And the thing is, they probably did. They have their own blunders to rehash over and over again in their minds. I think a wise person once said that shame is what separates us from other mammals, or something like that.
Truly sobering is the notion that you have not even come close to making your last mistake. If you’re anything like me, you will misspeak, you will misstep and you will fail time and time again until your life is through.
You could just lock your doors, close your blinds and hide under your bed, but that would also be a mistake. Life involves risk and disappointment.
But with each failure comes a lesson, ready for you to digest like a cold teaspoon of cough syrup, and not the cherry-flavored kind. Eventually it becomes easier to see how none of the large or small snags in our personal conquests keep the world from spinning.
The only real way to move past the drudgery of your past is to take interest in other things and people. It doesn’t take long to realize how others are dealing with their own situations. Then, at the very least, you can sit back and say, “At least I don’t have it as hard as that guy.”
There is nothing left to do, then, but live as if no regrets hamper your contemplation. Maybe one of these days you’ll see how it all worked out for the better. Here’s to hoping you do.
Russell Anglin is the senior reporter for the Quay County Sun. Contact him at: