Pleasant reunion clears slate for 2010

Lynn Moncus

Last year ended on a very high note for this woman from Ima. Mrs. Kathryn Stephenson, her son, Jamie, his wife, Susan, and their sons, Bryan and Aaron invited me to spend a few days with them in Edmond, Okla. Being with such good friends was a major privilege.

Of course, Kathryn and I spent many hours together just visiting about Quay County and our friends here. Two former English teachers at THS just naturally have much in common. And two people who grew up in Quay County in the last century certainly speak the same language about our pioneer heritage and the many wonderful experiences we had during those days. As always, we spent much of our time laughing about incidents from the past as well as about our activities of the present. Beginning and ending each day with such laughter made our time together exceedingly pleasant.

Jamie and his family certainly were gracious hosts, making the visit a memorable experience. They also engaged in the laughter and listened patiently to our stories of the past. Bryan and Aaron did their share of keeping us company but were also ready to go about their regular activities. Hearing the laughter of those boys was a great pleasure for the two old friends.

As usual, I managed to get lost on occasion, but the GPS gadget was more helpful than it had been on other trips. Just maybe one of us is learning to listen to the dame giving the directions. At least, she kept talking this time and seemed to give directions I could follow part of the time.

The main troublemaker was the cell phone, which decided to declare its independence on the way home. It refused to cooperate and pretended it couldn’t reach any of the numbers I dialed. I decided to treat it as I do the computer when it has fits and just turned it off for a while. During that time, in order to remain fairly calm, I listened to a disc of band music provided by Bryan’s high school band.

That experience led me directly to memories of his grandfather, Mr. R.G.

Stephenson, who was our band director at THS for many years. I could just imagine how proud he would be to hear that grandson playing the trombone. Those of us who were in the THS band during Mr. Stephenson’s tenure surely have fond memories of those years. A number of us were able to attend college because he saw that we received band scholarships. The music soothed the nerves and must have calmed the cell phone because it began working after the disc ended.

Ending the year with such a dear friend and her family helped ease some of the bad memories of the year and cleared the slate for the beginning of 2011.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun at 461-1952.