Tucumcari tightens belt

Thomas Garcia

With a dim outlook for capital outlay money from the state, city and county officials are focusing on streamlining services to residents.

“The main goal of the city is to get our asset management plan in place,” said Tucumcari City Manager Bobbye Rose.

Rose said the plan would include asset identification throughout the city. She said this would include vehicles, equipment and infrastructure.

“Many people are saying capital outlay money will not be available for projects,” Rose said. “We will take a look at all of the city’s assets to make sure we have funds set aside for their repair or replacement.”

Rose said the city will have to take steps to set aside the funds, and not look to Santa Fe for help.

“We are going to have to depend on ourselves,” Rose said.

Rose said another goal for the city this year is to cross train employees on jobs.

“Last year we had several employee out due to illness,” Rose said. “Those employees were the only ones trained in a certain job and that created a backlog of work.”

Rose said the cross training of the employees will help the city run more smoothly.

County Manager Richard Primrose said continuing to provide services for the residents and maintain county equipment is a priority.

“We are in the same boat as many entities across the state with a smaller budget and a limited capital outlay funding,” Primrose said.

Primrose said the county is replacing the heating and cooling system at the Quay County Courthouse. He said the county must stay within the state preservation regulations.

“Our main objective is to continue to provide all the services the county offers to the residents,” Primrose said.