Loud voices prove easier to hear

Russell Anglin

Dear city officials, county officials and citizens who attend open meetings in Quay County,

Thank you for your commitment to public service and the greater good. Interested individuals are the grease that allows the gears of democracy to turn effectively. It is your presence and dedication to your cities and county that makes our area communities truly great.

With that being said, could you maybe speak up a little? I can’t hear you sometimes, and it’s hard to report on what I can’t hear. Perhaps I could offer some advice on this.

You see, throughout my high school years, I was a dedicated thespian. I was given the finest theatrical training by my teachers, Heather Fuentes, Marty Field and the incomparable Rhianna Anglin (my sister).

Unlike you lucky Tucumcari High students with your jaw-dropping auditorium, the auditorium at my high school in Pampa, Texas was pretty rickety and featured a balcony that absorbed much of the sound coming from the stage. It was therefore mission critical that the actors in every performance mastered proper annunciation and projection of every line they spoke.

Projection meant speaking