Birch wins Logan school board election

Thomas Garcia

Below-freezing temperatures across the county may have contributed to low voter turnouts in county school board elections Tuesday.

“The cold affected voter turnouts across the state,” said Quay County Clerk Ellen White.

White said a total of 392 Quay County voters, seven percent of the voting population, braved the weather to cast their votes.

The only contested school board position was Logan School District’s position 1.

Lynn S. Birch defeated Bobby D. Hines for the position 97-58.

“I am looking forward to helping the community where I live,” Birch said. “I will have a chance to help shape the minds of the children as they prepare for the future.”

Birch said as a retired educator she knows serving as a school board member will be tough.

“I thank everyone for showing their support,” Birch said. “I think anyone who serves on a school board shows their dedication to their community.”

Birch said she wanted to commend Hines for his commitment to the community by choosing to run in the election.

“I want to thank everyone who made it out to vote,” Hines said. “I appreciate they showed their support for me despite the cold weather. I would like to congratulate Mrs. Birch on her appointment and wish her the best luck.”

Voters also approved Tucumcari’s general obligation bond and San Jon, Logan and House’s capital improvements tax levy.

Tucumcari’s school district will issue the general obligation bond to cover the cost of the completion of phase III of construction at Tucumcari High School, Rhodes Field House electrical and plumbing upgrades, Rattler Gym heating and cooling upgrades, vocational building electrical work, plumbing upgrades and bathroom renovations.

The approved capital improvements tax levy for San Jon, Logan and House School districts will be used for various capital outlay projects.