Tucumcari temperature hits near-record low

Russell Anglin

The New Mexico State University Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari recorded a 14-below-zero low temperature Wednesday night, according to Administrative Assistant Patricia Cooksey.

Cooksey said this is the coldest temperature the area has experienced since Jan. 13, 1963, when Tucumcari was hit with a record low temperature of minus 22. Before that, the thermometer dipped to below 17 degrees on Jan. 11, 1919.

Cooksey reported that the first known weather documentation in Tucumcari occurred in 1904, and that the agricultural science center first recorded daily precipitation in January 1912. The center started measuring air temperature on May 26, 1912.

San Jon, Tucumcari, Logan and House schools are back in session Thursday after canceling Tuesday and Wednesday classes due to the frigid weather and snow.

Tucumcari Schools Assistant Superintendent Dave Johnson said school bus routes were operating normally Thursday morning, with the exception of the Conchas route. He said Conchas students whose parents provided a note would be excused from school for the day.

A report of weather conditions recorded at the agricultural sciences center is available online at: