Press release: Mesalands reports enrollment increase

Kimberly Hanna

Spring 2011 enrollment numbers have been calculated at Mesalands Community College and the results show another increase in enrollment.

The third Friday census required by the State of New Mexico shows an increase in credit hours by 3.1 percent over last spring semester, and a slight decrease in headcount. However, Mesalands reports a 3.1 percent increase in the full time equivalent (FTE), or the number of students enrolled in at least 15 credit hours.

“Mesalands continues to see more students enroll full time, due to the College providing more degrees and certificates that other colleges and universities don’t offer,” Robin Alden, Director of Enrollment Management at Mesalands said. “The College also continues to offer more distance education and evening courses to work around students’ busy schedules.”

According to Alden, since 2000, both the FTE and credit hours have increased by 243 percent and headcount has also increased by 258 percent.