Arch Hurley board applies for federal funds

Russell Anglin

The Arch Hurley Conservancy District Board of Directors passed two resolutions to apply for federal assistance which will help seal the district’s canal system Tuesday.

The requests, one for $206,000 and another for $122,000, would require in-kind contributions from the board. District Manager Franklin McCasland said the board expects to hear an answer within 60 to 90 days.

“Our men and equipment will do the work for matching in-kind services,” McCasland said.

Board President Larry Perkins explained what bentonite, the sealing agent for the canals, is.

“It’s a mineral-type thing that goes in,” Perkins said. “Water moves in and that stuff expands and traps it in the ground. It’s really good. It seals the canal. We’ve done that in years past, but we haven’t done that in a lot of years. Franklin’s taken the delivery system back down to the original design and now we’re going in and he’s bentoniting it on these grounds.”

Directors also unanimously voted to award Sandra Rush a three-year contract to audit Arch Hurley’s finances. The board received a number of offers from auditors across the region who gave their rates and estimated how many hours they would put into auditing.

“I want somebody to look at what we’re doing, from payroll, to accounts receivable, payable, everything we do. I want somebody to go through with a fine-toothed comb to protect us and the office staff here,” McCasland said.

Board member Pablo Lopez said he would prefer Rush receive the contract because she had worked with Arch Hurley before and has a local office.

Directors also discussed a potential change to Arch Hurley’s 2011 election rules that would allow for early voting for up to three weeks before board elections in October.