Quest for distraction sometimes proves elusive

Thomas Garcia

So football is over and spring training has just begun. My Penguins are still without Crosby, the Suns are 18 1/2 games behind and we’re still a few weeks from selection Sunday. Go Badgers.

I watch ESPN quite a bit, but what can I say? I am a sports fan. While I am one of the millions of NFL fans hopeful that a collective bargaining agreement can be agreed upon so we have a 2011 season, I can only hear about Albert Pujols possible free agency so many times a day.

Now I find myself looking for something to fill the void while I have a few shows I watch religiously such as “NCIS” and “Breaking Bad.” Though at times I really would like to see Jack Bauer save the world from certain doom in 24 hours once again.

I often find myself flipping through the channels hoping for a TV gem. My mom enjoys “Cake Boss” and several Food Network programs. I enjoy watching them with her, but when I am alone I don’t watch them as much.

Cartoons … well, they have changed so much since I was a kid. I tried to follow a cartoon during Cartoon Network’s prime time. However, when I saw they made an animated “reality show,” I envisioned Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo, Hawk and Yogi Bear handing an envelope to Barney Rubble and Snake Eyes with orders to rid the world of these cartoon sins.

I spend some time writing and reading, though most of the time I am on the go visiting friends. Still, every once in a while I just want to sit back and enjoy a good show.

The classics are always good to fall back on, although my idea of classics differ from others. I will always be ready to watch Steve Martin and Martin Short dance and sing “My Little Buttercup.”

I also have a collection of Mel Brooks’ films, which I watch from time to time. Before you start to wonder, I enjoy more than comedy classics. I watch many western classics like “High Plains Drifter,” “A Man Called Horse” and “Shane.” War movies such as “Patton,” “Midway,” “Where Eagles Dare” and “Battle of the Bulge.”

So my search to find something to watch continues. While I try to sift through the networks’ so-called quality programing I think I will take this chance to go outside.

The sun has been shining and for once I don’t have to worry about it being 17 below.