Saturday brings social excitement

Lynn Moncus

Last Saturday was one of those days during which we needed a society editor,such as Mrs. Vera Murphey, to write stories about two major events held at the Convention Center. The afternoon was tilled with two birthday parties: One for Mrs. Teddy Callens and one for the February birthdays in the Wallace family, including Mrs. Sue Tucek, Mrs. Noma Tillman, and Mrs. Maxine Wallace.

Each party was well attended and certainly provided many people with whom to visit while sampling the refreshments. Being able to converse with the honorees was a major privilege and caused the guests to remember other occasions in our lives during which we had the opportunity to know each of the individuals.

The party for Mrs. Callens was made special by a PowerPoint (slide) show of her life. While looking at those pictures, each of us recalled days of our youth and

remembered that beautiful young girl who became a beautiful lady. Her son, Mike, did a great job of collecting those pictures and arranging them so well. Her sisters and other relatives made us feel comfortable as we visited with each other.

The party for the Wallace family members was also a most special gathering. Mrs. Tucek and I settled in at once to talk about our teaching days at THS and about our country lives, during which we spent much time riding our horses. Mrs. Tillman joined in and also talked about some of her experiences. Mrs. Wallace served as the gracious greeter when I entered and took the time to talk about some of the other family members and to catch me up on the latest news about them. Of course, the majority of the people there were family members and were proud to have had their beginnings in the Norton community They made the woman from Ima feel right at home because all of us spoke the language of those country communities.

Those of us who knew the parties were to be held noted the party atmosphere in our town both before and after the gatherings. Many of the guests and several of the honorees ate lunch at Del’s, and quite a few returned for dinner. The visiting was great as we talked about those parties. The occasions showed us that our area still enjoys gatherings and celebrations. They also showed us that love and warmth still exists at such celebrations. Seeing so many people enjoying each other’s company was a rare privilege indeed.

I’d like to thank the family members for having invited me to both parties and to wish those wonderful honorees many happy returns.