Loose dogs discourage local jogger

Russell Anglin

On Thursday evening, I ventured outside of my apartment for a jog. The breeze was excellent and the clouds made a variety of animal shapes. When I made it to one end of my block, I turned around and ran the other way. I kept my head high the entire time, taking care to bask in the glow of unseasonably sunny weather.

“Burrurrurrurrurr!” I heard before looking down to find a tawdry beagle/wiener dog mash-up chomping the air and advancing toward me. When I stopped, it paused for a second and advanced again.

I jumped back. “What’s the deal, buddy?” I asked. It wouldn’t even reason with me.

I tried to continue down the road but the mutt charged again, making sure I knew that today was not my day to be in the neighborhood. I turned around and ran back to where I came from.

On Friday night, I was driving to my apartment after getting food and took the road just adjacent to the one I ran down the day before. At one intersection, a large, black pit bull was standing in the road, pacing in and out of my line of direction.

I was driving slowly, but I still had to swerve a little to avoid the animal, who didn’t bother to move. I wasn’t upset about that. I just felt fortunate that it didn’t decide to flip my car as I passed it. It did give me some awfully dirty looks, though.

Man, I thought. What if it was that pit bull instead of the mutt outside Thursday? It may not have been violent, like the mutt technically wasn’t, but that would have freaked me out just to have seen it out and about.

Not that I’m a dog discriminator. That scroungy little heel nipper startled me, too.

In any case, I think I’m going to clear a spot in my apartment and just run in place from now on.