Altrusa receives award for service

Kimberly Hanna

By Kimberly Hanna

Quay County Sun

Altrusa International of Tucumcari is pleased to announce that their organization received the 2010 Distinguished Club Award. This award recognizes the club’s activity and productivity at every level of program involvement including service, programming, membership, leadership and communication. The club won a few awards that contributed to the organization being recognized as a distinguished club.

Last year the club won an Environmental Award for its efforts in beautifying Dunn Park and its quarterly trash pickups on Route 66. The club also won a Membership Award for increasing its total membership by 15 percent. An Attendance Award was also issued to the club for the amount of members who regularly attending meetings. In addition to these awards the club had to submit their service and membership hours to the International Office in order to be recognized for the Distinguished Club Award.

The Altrusa Club members contributed to 1,489 hours of community service hours towards planning and implementation of service projects and fundraising for projects. The club members also contributed to 250 hours of member service. Member service hours are hours donated by members for newsletter production, workshops, conference, or convention attendance. Club members had 2,110 hours of volunteer hours. Volunteer hours are hours donated by members to non-Altrusa organizations such as volunteer boards, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.