Auto Pros owner named client of year

Leon Linfield

The Mesalands Community College Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has named Pete Deiana of Auto Pros in Tucumcari as outstanding client of the year. Mr. Deiana is to be honored in a special ceremony in February at the State Capitol.

In 2009, Mr. Deiana and his wife Ashley decided to raise their family in Tucumcari, where Mrs. Deiana was born and raised. “After six months working for someone else as a mechanic,” said Mr. Deiana, “I decided that I wanted to make my dream come true.” He said, “Tucumcari was in dire need of a trustworthy and honorable mechanical facility so people wouldn’t have to keep taking their vehicles out of town. Not only would I be fulfilling my dream, but I would be providing this town with a new business to grow with.”

The hurdle that he would have to cross was convincing a bank to help him, since he was new to town and the banks knew little of his abilities. He turned to Mesalands Community College’s Small Business Development Center for assistance. “From day one,” he says, “they welcomed my wife and me with open arms. They helped me put down on paper everything that was in my head.”

The SBDC staff helped Mr. Deiana approach the bank with information about his impressive background. As a turnaround specialist sent to multiple shops by the national companies he worked for, Mr. Deiana, as he says, had “the uncommon experience of being in every position from the bottom of the barrel to the top in the industry.”

The SBDC helped him present a business plan to a local credit union. “I was able,” he said, “to find a property and building, and secure a mortgage on the building and property through the owner of the property, and get an equipment loan through the credit union in a very short period of time. We were able to open our shop, Auto Pros, within one month of the loans and mortgage being put into place. Mesalands helped my family make our dreams come true so that I now own my own shop, doing justice to our chosen community. If Mesalands and similar college programs did not exist, people like me would not be able to accomplish their dreams.”

New Mexico’s Small Business Development Centers provide existing and new small businesses with expert counseling in planning, marketing, financing, taxes, licensing, accounting, government contracting and many more areas. To contact the Tucumcari Center call (575) 461-4413.