Logan Family Practice has new doctor

Thomas Garcia

A new internal medicine doctor will be joining the staff at the office of the Logan Family Practice.

Edward Cazzola has been practicing medicine since 1974. He said he is an internal medicine doctor and his practice has mainly been treating adults for conditions including diabetes and hypertension.

“I’ve been at it for many years,” Cazolla said. “I have treated children in the past and will certainly be ready to administer to adult and child alike.”

Cazolla said he worked with Sandia National Laboratories for 15 years in the disease management clinic. He said for three of those years he served as the medical director.

Cazolla said he lives and Logan and had been working at Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital for the past two years.

“I served as chief of staff at Dan C. Trigg and lead physician at the PMG clinic,” Cazolla said.

Cazolla said he is semi-retired and working at the clinic was the perfect way to finish out his career.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Cazzola join our staff,” said Dell Willis, nurse practitioner at Logan Family Practice.

Willis said the patient volume at the Logan clinic has been increasing over the past few months. She said Dr. Cazzola will help to facilitate the increase of patients.

“In the past several months we have seen an increase of 20 to 25 patients a month,” Willis said.

Willis said the arrangement was a mutual meeting of need and desire. Willis needed the additional help at the clinic and Cazolla had the desire to help.

“My family originated from Quay County,” Cazolla said. “I want to be able to help the people of the community.”