Weekend adventures prove fun to remember

Thomas Garcia

Well this weekend was a blast. I got to spend time with my brothers, watch them build a trampoline and offer my unique and at times sarcastic suggestions.

I have video on my cell phone of their attempts to attach the springs on the trampoline and let’s just say it was as efficient as a Chinese fire drill and just as funny.

There were many highlights to my weekend and one of those was I got to watch “Alf.” You remember Alf, right? Ah the hi-jinx that guy got into and how he kept the Tanner family on their toes.

Again, what made it even better is I got to watch it with an awesome friend, which any activity done with friends makes it that much more enjoyable.

One episode I watched was when Alf was obsessed with Gilligan’s Island. He talked non-stop about how great it would be to be on the island with the castaways.

Eventually he was pestering Willie and Kate as they were trying to sleep. He described all the episode’s events and jokes. Finally Willie pleaded with Alf — if he let them go to sleep he would think about building him a small lagoon.

Needless to say Alf took things into his own hands and built a lagoon, which angered Willie, and he told Alf he would stay outside until he filled in the lagoon.

Alf fell asleep and found himself on Gilligan’s Island. At first he was so happy to be with the people he had come to idolize. After a while, the wonderful paradise was a lonely island the castaways had come to dread. Alf realized he didn’t want the island life. He just wanted to be with the ones he loved.

The weekend for me was filled with travel and adventure, though unlike Alf I was lucky to spend it with old friends, new friends, and it ended with an awesome Sunday evening. Sure, I fumbled around for 10 minutes trying to get the remote control to play the next episode as my arm was a pillow to a slumbering friend whom I did not want to wake.

Needless to say we both got a laugh as my efforts were in vain and the noise I was making woke them up anyway.

This weekend was great because of those wonderful people in my life. We laughed, lived and enjoyed those moments, not thinking ahead to the next day.

I can only imagine how great this next weekend is going to be as I plan to keep it filled with those amazing people who put a smile on my face.

I myself am hoping to see more “Alf.”