Letter to the editor: Market and government intertwine

The March 2 editorial in the Quay County Sun dwelled on the ‘evils’ of ‘guvmint’ and worshipped the ‘god’ of ‘free market’ and small government.’

“Free market” is a fantasy that never existed.

To Quote “Winner-Take-All Politics,” “The libertarian vision of a night-watchman state gently policing an unfettered free market is a philosophical concept not a description of reality.”

The market and government has always been intertwined. The market would not exist without government.”

The financial situation we are now in is primarily the result of the ideology of ‘the market knows best.’ The belief was and to some still is, the market will police itself without governmental interference. Laws governing some financial operations were nullified, new financial instruments were not subjected to controls and agencies that were supposed to enforce laws were staffed by political appointees that did not believe in enforcement. When facts collide with ideology backed by wealth facts lose, which explains the failure to control the banking system.

The definition of small government is the one that enforces only the laws that benefit you.