New life gives hope

Lynn Moncus

As we watch the coming of spring, we tend to have a more affirmative attitude toward life and also feel our spirits lifting a bit.

We can be feeling sad and can have that feeling become lighter as we look at the newborn calves. We can’t avoid smiling as we watch them romping around in the pastures, eating their lunch, or taking a nap while a babysitter guards them. Because they look so happy, we just naturally feel better. For a few minutes, we can cast aside those feelings of sadness and appreciate the new lives around us.

Although the fruit trees may be blooming a bit early, we note their beauty when that first bloom appears. We can hope frost doesn’t ruin our chances of having some of that fresh fruit right from the tree. We have something to look forward to in the event the fruit is allowed to grow because we certainly can’t find that tree-ripened flavor in any store.

The first daffodils flashing their yellow blossoms in all directions cause us to pause to appreciate the joy they represent. Their glow automatically makes us feel better and makes us want to stay around to see all the coming beauty. Despite the high winds, they are tough little beauties and stand as tall as possible without bending completely to the ground.

The greening of the lilac bushes lets us know that the purple or white clusters will be showing and will be sending their fragrances around the area. Watching those clusters appear as tiny buds before turning into the full-blown beauties gives us something to appreciate during their short season of existence. As the lilacs and daffodils show off, they will soon be joined by the bunches of iris. Many of us are rather partial to the purple iris because they are the ones we saw first around our homesteads. The pioneers brought them along or ordered them when they could and planted them in their yards. For many years after the homesteads were deserted, we could note their locations by seeing those flags blooming in the pastures. Actually, lilacs and flags must be among the hardiest of plants because they can still be seen in some of those pastures and have had no human care for more years than we can count.

Let’s just enjoy the coming of new life and try to keep our thoughts and feelings as light as possible. New life gives us new hope.