Mascots may determine bracket

Russell Anglin

Well, I guess it’s that time again. The coming weeks will bring NCAA March Madness action to our local homes, offices and bars. For the past 21 years of my life, this event has had about as much significance to my world as my morning nose-blowing ritual.

But year 22 is different. Freedom New Mexico is participating in a tournament bracket to see who has the best picks. Naturally, I have watched a grand total of zero college basketball games this year, or ever, so I am sure I will excel.

You should play, too. Log on to to register. Prizes include a trip to Jamaica for the winning bracket and $1 million for up to one perfect bracket. Who knows, it could be your lucky month.

Of course, we here at Freedom New Mexico are not eligible for these prizes. We are playing for pride. And as my colleagues Thomas Garcia and Joey Haas will tell you, pride is everything.

Who is my top team for this year? I have no clue whatsoever. Like I said, I have never watched college basketball. My grandma loved watching the NBA in the Michael Jordan days so I grew up on that and enjoyed it, but we never caught the NCAA games. There’s just too many teams to keep up with, anyway.

I heard somebody somewhere reference a parent who let his kid pick his March Madness brackets based solely on the ferociousness of the teams’ mascots. I think this is going to be my strategy this year.

For all the teams I can think of, I guess it would be the Purdue Boilermaker Special that would get my vote. I would not care to drive down the lane coming up against one of those, for sure.

Is Purdue even in the tournament this year? I don’t know. Y’all wish me luck.