Quests for fitness turns into hunt for rabbit

Thomas Garcia

So I’ve decided to start working out and lose weight in order to better my lifestyle and myself.

There are many things which prompted this decision, though I can say with certainty the true reason is I wanted to do it for myself.

So as part of that, I have stopped drinking beer, watch what I eat and I started working out. As a part of that workout, I wake up at 6 a.m. and go for my morning walk and usually try to take my evening walk at 7 p.m. if not later due to my hectic work schedule.

Recently I was walking and I was joined by a rather curious rabbit. This rabbit was not like most where they scuttle off and hide when someone walks by. No, this little guy watched me pass by and proceeded to follow me for a bit.

As I walked, I looked back and could see the little guy just hopping along behind me.

I can’t lie. I thought it was cute. OK, so cute is not a word that a guy is supposed to throw around so freely. However, if you can find a better word to describe a little furry brown and white rabbit hopping along behind you, by all means, let me know.

So this went on for a good quarter mile as I finally decided that, well, I needed a picture of my little friend so I can post it on Facebook. So I turned and took the earphone jacks off my phone which was doubling as my mp3 player. I clicked on the camera app and began to zoom in on my newfound friend. In an instant, almost as to the instinctual nature of the rabbit, it sensed the camera’s zoom and was off like a shot.

I, wanting the picture of the rabbit, began to give chase. Now I know how a coyote must feel as that little rabbit made juke after juke around some mesquites and some yuccas. Well, as I was trying to get a shot of my little friend, a truck passed by with some of my neighbors in it and I can only imagine what they were thinking as I was hopping around the field with my phone in my hand.

I guess it is no crazier than my normal actions because they just waved and continued on. I eventually lost the little rabbit and continued on my walk.

Though I didn’t get the picture, I intend on continuing this walking business for a long time to come. So I will keep my eyes open for my little friend in hopes of taking his picture.

Oh, and not like you don’t have enough to laugh at me about — for the last quarter mile of my walk I was humming “Peter Cottontail.”