Folks debate weather easily

Lynn Moncus

We have arrived at that time of year during which we haven’t a clue as to what

type of weather to expect from one day to the next or even from one hour to the next. We tend to be able to enjoy all seasons in one or two days and then to start all over the next day. When we aren’t seeking jackets and heavy coats, we are looking for lightweight clothing. We are either turning on the heat or the air conditioner and then wondering why we seem to be a bit confused.

Our “Land of Enchantment” keeps us guessing as seasons change and make us wonder when we will settle into one season and stay there for a few months. At least, when we are complaining about the weather, we are not complaining about less important things. We know we can always visit with each other about the weather, even if we hesitate to visit about other subjects. Of course, I have heard some good arguments about weather as old-timers can’t decide when a specific storm happened some 50 or 60 years ago. They may even raise their voices a bit as they disagree about the day of the week, the month, or the year. Before I became an old-timer, I used to say I surely wouldn’t argue about the weather. So much for such statements!

Whereas I may not argue about the exact day, I am apt to comment on the

notion that we have had such weather in the past. On occasion, someone will say that the wind has never blown as hard as it has of late. Well, those of us who have been around for a few days know that it has blown as hard and even harder. We know it has stirred up more dust than it has lately and that it will continue to stir up dust most years.

We may also discuss the temperature. Some will avow that we have never had

such cold weather, others will state firmly that we have never had such hot weather, and yet others affirm that the sun has never set that far north! We seem to want something to argue about, and many of us would rather argue about the weather than about politics or religion.

My friend Aggie has tried to make a few comments during our last two Sunday

walks, but we have both been too busy concentrating on staying upright to say much. She has looked at me as if she would really like to tell me we should avoid walking in such high breezes. I’ll admit that I have tended to agree with her as we have both acted as anchors for each other. Although she hasn’t had to hang on to her hat, she has had to stagger against the strong blasts we have faced. I have tried to explain to her that we both need some grit, but she doesn’t seem to agree as she takes a few laps of cool water to wash down that grit once we return to the car.

At least none of us has to be bored by unchanging weather because ours is ever-changing!