DWIs rise slightly

Russell Anglin

DWI arrests were slightly higher in Quay County during this quarter of the fiscal year than the last, while the Quay County Detention Center housed slightly more inmates this quarter, according to county officials.

At Monday’s Quay County Commission meeting, county detention center administrator T.J. Rich gave a report which included the following information on the third quarter of fiscal year 2011, which spans Jan. 1 – March 31:

Adult detention

• Total number of adult inmates: 206, up from 198 in the last quarter.

• Average daily population: 33.2

• Average length of stay: 14.46 days

• Population as of Monday: 36 total, including 31males and 5 females.

• Incidents for quarter: 74 total, including 33 in January, 19 in February and 22 in March.

Juvenile detention

• Total number of inmates: 34

• Total number of days incarcerated: 583

• Average daily population: six

• Average length of stay: 17.15 days

• Population as of Monday: eight, including seven juveniles from outside the county

Four juveniles from Quay County spent a total of 18 days incarcerated. The juvenile detention center housed four Union County juveniles, six Roosevelt County juveniles and nine Curry County juveniles, bringing the county $39,375 in revenue.

No juveniles were placed on an ankle monitoring system while 11 adults wore ankle monitors, creating $896.47 in revenue for the county.

Bryan Rinestine of the county DWI compliance office gave a report which included the following information on the third quarter of fiscal year 2011:

• DWI arrests: 14, including 12 males and two females, up from 11 arrests in the previous quarter. There were 12 first-time offenders, one second-time offender and one third-time offender. Five cases were aggravated DWIs.

• Average blood alcohol content: 0.14. The lowest reading was 0.00 for a drug DWI and the maximum reading was a 0.23.

• Blood tests administered: Seven, including three refusals

• Average age: 39.7. The youngest person arrested was 19 and the oldest was 70.

• New Mexico State Police made seven DWI arrests, The Tucumcari Police Department made five arrests, the Logan Police Department made one arrest and the state Department of Transportation made one arrest.

• Six clients were sent to DWI school through magistrate court.

• Twelve clients completed probation, and 11 of those clients completed probation successfully.

• There are currently 69 active offenders in the county.

“That number had a big drop this month, but part of that is we have several out on warrant status right now,” Rinestine said of the active offenders. “March was not a good month for my clients.”

Rinestine said the blood alcohol content for breathalyzer screenings is down this quarter as well.

“It is down a little bit. Of course we don’t have the blood results back, so those are not figured into it and the refusals, you never know what they are. Of the ones that actually blew in the Intoxilyzer, it was down a little bit last month,” Rinestine said.

“When they refuse, what happens next?” District 3 Commissioner Brad Bryant asked Rinestine.

“First of all, that is an aggravated DWI if you refuse. It is part of the implied consent which you sign when you get your driver’s license. It changes the burden of proof slightly but it is an automatic one-year suspension of your license when you refuse, regardless if you’re convicted of anything. That is the teeth to the implied consent laws,” Rinestine said. “You don’t blow when you are asked to, they get your license for a year.”