Tuesdays take after Tetris

Russell Anglin

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of Tuesdays, or “terrific Tuesdays” as we like to call them at the Quay County Sun. Here at the office, we spend Tuesdays hustling and bustling, tying up loose ends, putting finishing touches on our stories, deciding what to put on the front page and working like little news bees into the evening.

After spending a dozen or two Tuesdays here in the office, I have decided that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I particularly enjoy laying out the newspaper, though the task seemed a little intimidating at first since I am a reporter at heart. Now it is still challenging, but challenging in the same way the fifth or sixth level of Tetris is challenging. If I don’t get too ahead of myself, I can fit the pieces in the right places and line it all up.

The county seems to be more alert on Tuesdays, too. We seem to get more calls from people around town on this day than any other, perhaps because some folks know we put the paper together on Tuesdays. This is always a good thing as we strive to get as much information into the paper as we can every week.

Alas, not even we at the newspaper are perfect, and some major event or incident goes undocumented from time to time, like the little gaps in the Tetris wall separating a player from the game’s goal, which is to eliminate all the tetrominoes by lining them up perfectly.

I’m not sure how much further I can carry the Tetris analogy here, but I will certainly try. There is the time element to Tuesdays, I suppose. Like any worthy challenge, the task of putting together this newspaper must be completed before the day is through and the print run is due, or else it’s game over.

And, of course, not every Tetris level is completed with an impressive score. It’s one thing to put a newspaper out, and entirely another to put out a newspaper somebody wants to read. Precision and awareness are vital to perfect execution.

However, I usually do not have Russian folk songs blaring while I fine-tune headlines and place photos, though I suppose I could fix that. I also seem to curse a lot less while putting the paper together as I do when playing Tetris.

In any case, wish us luck in building next week’s paper, and if you find any gaps in our coverage that need filled, do drop us a line, or a square, or one of those L-shaped things.