Catching up can be great fun

Lynn Moncus

On Easter Sunday, Aggie and I headed for “the canyons of home” to find some necessary solitude and time to clear a few cobwebs from the mind. We hadn’t been there for a couple of years and just needed to look into those canyons to appreciate the beauty and to realize once again how very fortunate some of us were to discover the world from there.

As usual our first stop was at lma so we could walk to the canyon rim and look across at the remains of Grandmother’s house. Of course, I don’t see the remains because I travel back to the days when it was such a beautiful place in those canyons. I see the people sitting on the porch, hear the echoes of their laughter in the canyons, and just rejoice in a whole batch of wonderful memories.

We then drove to the road to that house and stopped there to eat our lunch. We walked