Letter to the editor: Conservacare unsustainable

This is an attempt to analyze some points that are pursued in various editorials and conservative articles.

“Representative Paul Ryan’s, R-Wis., budget would reduce the deficit.” The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says it would increase. His expense cuts, at the expense of the most vulnerable, will go largely for more tax cuts for the wealthy.

“Americans now more attuned to a massive budget problem.” In 1990, the country had a surplus. The debt comes from two wars, unfunded tax cuts that primarily benefited the rich and the financial crisis. The crisis was enabled by giving the financial industry free rein. Both parties bought into the “free market” ideology of no controls, “market knows best.” “Entitlements” for the poor did not cause it. “Entitlements” for special interests were definitely involved.

Conservatives (elephants and donkeys) are fighting controls over the financial industry tooth and nail and tax cuts were extended. That fits the definition of insanity.

“Representative Ryan’s proposal could save health care.” Analysis of his proposal by professionals reveals it does nothing to control expenses, which is the main problem. His plan shifts the expense of health care, above a set amount, from the federal government to the states and beneficiaries. The CBO says this would force the states to reduce payments to providers and cost the individual family about $6,000 to $7,000 more per year. The claim that the Obama plan would take over virtually the entire health care industry is false. The plan puts some rules on the insurance industry to rein in some of their flagrant abuses in the name of the bottom line. That is all.

“Ryan’s plan brings us closer to market based health care.” The “plan” we have always had was “market based.” We have the only one in the industrialized world. It leaves millions uninsured, lets 30,000-plus per year die (five times 9/11), and is by far the most expensive and the World Health Organization ranks us 37th. I call that Conservacare. The CBO says Conservacare is unsustainable.