Shave a few seconds off your morning routine with Schick Intuition razor


Moms need to save every second they can get, so we recommend you try the new Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture in pomegranate.

The four-blade razor is set in the middle of a solid conditioning bar that replaces the need for shaving cream. It cushions the blade and adds moisture to your skin. It takes a little getting used to, but going back to a regular razor is no longer an option. After a month of testing the Schick Intuition, we felt like a razor was tearing up our legs and we were left dabbing at a trail of blood with toilet paper.


The pomegranate extract in the moisture bar has anti oxidants and your legs will be smooth and soft.

The other varieties include shea butter, aloe and vitamin E and milk and honey. They sell for $9.29 (razor only), $9.99 for three replacement heads, and $17.59 for six replacement heads. Each package contains the handle, two refill cartridges and an easy shower hanger.