Saturday brings adventure

Lynn Moncus

A change of scene and a few hours of visiting with a good friend surely can help relieve some of the stresses of the day and add pleasant memories to our ever-growing collection.

Last Saturday, for instance, Mrs. Dorothy Randals and I began our tour from her home to Santa Rosa via the scenic route. Because we wanted to appreciate the scenery, we decided to avoid 1-40 and follow “the road less traveled.” We drove on old Route 66 to Cuervo and then headed toward the west plains to continue the trip. By driving slowly, we could absorb the surroundings and just enjoy the ride. We certainly didn’t have to contend with traffic, but we had to remain alert for the antelope crossings.

Once we arrived in Santa Rosa, we stopped to admire the bronze statue of Rudolfo Anaya, author of “Bless Me, Ultima,” and to browse around the little park in which he sits with book in hand and pages scattered along the way. Both of us had enjoyed his writing and surely were impressed to see how his hometown had recognized him . We then spent some time just driving around in the town and admiring various buildings along the way.

After eating a good lunch, and visiting with several old friends, we explored a little more, drove to Santa Rosa Lake to see that body of water, and admired even more of the surrounding scenery. We became slightly hysterical as I tried to find the right road to the lake. We decided we would neither one want me to be the driver were we in a city! After two or three false starts, we finally landed on the right road and then decided that lake had moved farther from town.

After looking around for a few minutes, we felt we should begin our return trip to Quay County. Just listening to Dorothy talk and laugh during those hours together was a major treat. Obviously, she has to have a good sense of humor, else she wouldn’t have set off on that little tour with the woman from lma. Because both of us were remembering other times and talking as we rode along, one of us forgot to pay close attention to our location as we drove east on the west plains.

As we arrived at Jones Hill, I explained that I had sort of missed the turn toward Cuervo. Thus, we had to back track several miles to find the only fairly good road that turns north between Santa Rosa and Jones Hill. As Dorothy laughed, she explained that we were probably the only two old-timers to get lost on such a road.

Spending quality time with a good friend and seeing some of our beautiful ranching country surely makes us proud of our heritage and lets us know the value of friendship. Take the time to appreciate friends!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun at 461-1952.