Racing commission to accept applications

Thomas Garcia

The Quay County Gaming Authority is in the process of putting together a new application for New Mexico’s last non-reservation license.

“The New Mexico Racing Commission will be accepting applications for the license from June 2 to the close of business Sept. 2,” said Racing Commission Deputy Director India Hatch.

Hatch said the commission opened the application process during Thursday’s meeting. She said all interested entities in the state may apply for the license.

“We will be ready to submit our application for the license by late June,” said Warren Frost, executive director of the Quay County Gaming Authority.

Frost said a lot of the work for the application has been completed in anticipation of this date.

“We have an updated financial analysis which will be completed next week,” Frost said. “We already have an economic impact study completed for the application.”

Frost said the gaming authority is on the right track and will continue to keep the public updated on the progress of the application.

“We know in the future we will plan for a meeting with the commission to discuss the future of the track in our area,” Frost said. “We will need the community to come out and show their support for those meetings.”