Leonard Lauriault recognized by NMSU

NMSU press release

Leonard Lauriault, forage agronomist at New Mexico State University’s Agricultural Science Center at Tucumcari, received the 2011 Extension Advocate Award from the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service Specialists Association during the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Awards Day program on April 15.

Mark Marsalis, NMSU extension agronomist at NMSU’s Agricultural Science Center at Clovis wrote the following in a letter nominating Lauriault for the award:

“Leonard has been with NMSU since 1997, and throughout this tenure has been a strong advocate of extension. Although he has a 100% research appointment, he is a shining example of how research should ultimately become valuable information to producers in the state. Mr. Lauriault has a unique and resourceful way of applying the research he conducts to farmers statewide. He understands the extension model and, while he doesn’t have an official extension appointment, he helps conduct programs that serve farmers, county agents and specialists in New Mexico and surrounding states. It is very clear that Leonard has eliminated any boundaries between research and extension. He has authored or coauthored over 35 extension publications, 25 popular press articles, and has given over 120 extension-type presentations at various workshops, seminars and field days throughout the state. Due to their practicality, Leonard’s presentations are often the most well-received and generate the most interest from audience participants. County agents hold Leonard in high regard as someone they can go to for information on various forages produced in New Mexico. In fact, it is difficult to tell that Leonard does not have an official extension appointment because he does so much extension work.”