Weekend fun brings family pride

Thomas Garcia

I know it has been a while since I updated you on what has been going on in the world of Thomas. Well, first off, let me get to the important part. My furry little friend is doing good. The rabbit has been a loyal workout companion and has been there for moral support.

Now we seem to have recruited some cheerleaders, as there is a family of quail which I have seen for the past three days. There are six of them which run in a row following their mom, which makes for an interesting time as I wait for them to cross the road before advancing as to not scare them.

This past weekend was one filled with some great times. However, it started with me making a fool of myself as I spiraled downward on a self-pity rollercoaster. Though thanks to the understanding and support of my friends, I was able to snap out of it just in time to enjoy the double-reverse loop. I would like to take this time to thank my friends for being there for me even when I act like an Equus asinus.

I was particularly honored to be a part of my sis, Cassie Huffman’s graduation from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales on Saturday. She earned her master’s in clinical counseling, which means she can finally diagnose what is wrong with me. I’m sure she will be able to be published after a few sessions with me. Of course I hope I get a family discount rate on the time, or at least a pencil or maybe even a nifty refrigerator magnet.

It was a great feeling sitting with family as we watched her walk up the ramp and then hear her name called. It was no surprise to her that all of us hooped and hollered when she was handed her diploma.

I know it has been a long and tiring process for her, her husband and two kids to finish graduate school and earn her master’s.

It always feels good to see my family do well and I can respect and admire her desire to further pursue her education.

One of the best things about family functions is, of course, the gathering of family. Sharing Cassie’s big day was an experience I will cherish for a long time, from the pomp and circumstance of ceremony to the joy and laughter shared at lunch.

If it is any surprise, we had Mexican food. Yeah, that’s a shocker, I’m sure. We shared stories with each other as if it was the first time we had seen each other in years. My sis Tracy Hardy had her baby Walker with her and that little angel took center stage and stole the show without any problem. I learned that babies cannot have lemons because it is bad for their teething. I also learned if you do not pay attention to your sopapilla, crafty “lil’ Miss D” will eat yours with honey and a smile.

Once again, congratulations Cassie for your accomplishment. I know I speak for the rest of the family when I say we are proud of you.