Fishing report — May 25

This fishing report, provided by the Department of Game and Fish and, has been generated from the best information available from area officers, anglers, guides and local businesses.

Pecos River – Flows near Pecos is 82 cfs. The dry winter has resulted in some good May fishing. Normally we’d be in runoff right now, however, the water levels are low and the fishing is good. No hatching stoneflies yet. It’ll be another 10-14 days before we see the adults. Small to medium stonefly nymphs, small pheasant tails, baetis nymphs, caddis nymphs, and zebra midges are some of the fly choices. The river was stocked from Cowles to the Village of Pecos with 1,820 rainbow trout. The Mora River was also stoked with 153 rainbow trout last week.

Conchas Lake – Fishing is reported as good to excellent for crappie with all methods working. Bass are fishing fair with topwater rigs. Walleye are fishing good when trolling or jigging in 12-15 feet of water. Catfish are reported as slow to fair with a few fish being taken on cut bait and chicken livers.

Santa Rosa Lake – Conditions remain the same; lake levels and winds have been challenging. Walleye are fishing good in 6 – 12 feet of water and crappie are biting. The crappie being caught are of good size. Fish are being caught using jigs and jigs with minnows. Smallmouth bass have also started to bite and are being caught when using tube jigs. Catfish are reported as fair and are being caught with cut bait, stink bait and chicken livers.

Sumner Lake – Winter trout waters, stilling basin – Fishing has much improved at the lake. Anglers were catching some nice largemouth — two over 5 pounds were caught over the weekend. Walleye fishing has picked up nicely also. Several in the 18-to-22-inch range were caught, as well as keeper-sized 15 inchers. Some white bass and crappie are also being caught. Bottom bouncer rigs and minnows are working well for walleye. Bass are hitting tube jigs and spinner baits. Fair for channel catfish below the dam in the stilling basin, using stink bait, minnows and chicken livers.

Ute Lake – Water temp is around 60 degrees. The main lake is lightly stained and the river arms are heavily stained. Walleye are fishing fair to good. The walleye have moved into a little deeper water, they are suspended at 15-20 feet in 50-55 feet of water. Trolling has been slower, but it should pick up any day. Smallmouth bass are fishing fair — quite a few 10-13-inchers are being caught in 2-6 feet of water with tubes. Largemouth bass are fishing fair. They have been staging in 2-4 feet of water, but are elusive. Get into the reeds and you should be able to capture a couple. Crappie are fishing fair to good. A few limits were taken last weekend. The Canadian arm seems to be producing more of them last weekend. Catfish are fishing slow to fair. Reports of 12 channel cats caught last Sunday on stink baits up the Canadian in 4 feet of water. White bass are fishing slow to fair. Fish are being caught here and there.