No Memorial Day weekend DWIs for Quay County

QCSun staff

Memorial Day Weekend came and went in Quay County without any DWIs or traffic fatalities, though one serious car crash was reported, according to New Mexico State Police Capt. Jimmy Glascock.

“(The crash) occurred Sunday morning at the intersection of 469 and U.S. 54. It was a two-vehicle crash and there were multiple injuries. Without seeing a report or contact with the investigating officer I don’t know any more details than that right now,” Glascock said Tuesday.

Glascock said police made three DWI arrests in State Police District 9 over the weekend. District 9 includes Quay, Guadalupe, DeBaca, Curry and Roosevelt Counties.

“We did conduct a check point (in Quay County) Friday night into early Saturday,” Glascock said. “At least in that area, particularly with the interstate, it was relatively safe. At least there were no fatalities.”