Fire claims home, officials unsure of cause

Russell Anglin

Area firefighters are not sure what caused a June 7 fire that claimed a Quay County man’s home.

“The guy lost everything. The arsen investigator came out, spent about three hours, and ruled it as undetermined cause,” Rural District 3 Fire Chief Del Choate said.

Choate said the district 3 fire department was called out to the fire at David Peacock’s home on Quay Road 71, about 10 miles northeast of Tucumcari, around 4 p.m. He said Peacock was not at home and that his neighbors called in the fire. Tucumcari Fire Chief Mike Cherry said the city and rural 1 departments were later called out to the scene.

“We responded immediately,” Choate said. “We were there within minutes but the house was fully engulfed.”

Fellow firefighters have set up a donation fund at Citizens Bank to help Peacock recover from the total loss of his home.

“I just can’t emphasize enough that the man lost everything – clothes, appliances and personal effects. He’s homeless. Any help that we can give him I’d sure feel good about,” Choate said.

Attempts to reach County Fire Marshal Donald Adams have been unsuccessful Wednesday.

For more information about the David Peacock benefit fund, call Del Choate at 575-403-7391 or Dallas Dowell at 575-487-9375 or 575-403-8393.