Publisher: Newspaper thieves can expect prosecution

To all Quay County Sun readers:

One or more people reading this may be thieves.

Specifically, you may be stealing extra copies of the Quay County Sun, your hometown weekly newspaper, from coin racks placed around the town and region.

Shame on you. You are better than that.

Theft has gone up quite a bit recently because a few unscrupulous people want the coupons and they don’t want to and/or don’t think they should pay for them. The trend appears tied to the popularity of the cable TV show “Extreme Couponing.”

Two thieves got lucky last week, though. It was last Wednesday afternoon, on June 15, that they were caught red-handed by a Sun distribution manager in front of Lowe’s grocery store in Tucumcari. He could have just called the police, but he didn’t. Feel lucky that instead he just chewed you foolish people out and let you go before the police were called with your information.

We asked them to look out for your white two-door Chevy with Texas tag number BHN-W296 and told them our thieves were Caucasian women estimated to be in their 40s. One of you took a fistful of papers, about 10 copies, after paying just 75 cents for one copy from the rack outside the store.

Yes, you both were smart enough, or embarrassed enough, to hand our distribution person all but two of the stolen copies and pay him for the other two. But just remember, a momentary return of good conscience does not make either of you less of a thief.

You stole what did not belong to you.

Consider this article your only warning, ladies, or anyone else who steals papers. We will call the police immediately and file charges against you.

Be assured, we are monitoring our racks more closely these days. Also, we ask the hundreds of honest readers to help us catch a thief. Call law enforcement or the Quay County Sun office at 575-461-1952 immediately and report what you saw.

If your testimony leads to the arrest and conviction of a thief, you have our thanks and a year’s free subscription.

Such bad behavior is not just about theft from this business alone, either. It is about taking anything that does not belong to you. If you steal a 75-cent newspaper, that act begs a larger question: What else will you steal?

—Ray Sullivan