Reunion nears again

Lynn Moncus

The “Rattler Reunion Annual,” the favorite publication of Rattler Alumni, faculty,and friends, is now in our hands to remind us of the approaching Rattler Reunion and to allow us to look back at last year’s reunion. When we receive this publication, all other activities cease until we peruse the pages. We savor each picture and recall many of the experiences we had last August.

We are given the “Schedule of Events” for August 4, 5, and 6 so we will know

what is to happen this year, as well as when and where the happenings will occur. We appreciate the efforts that go into such planning so that the rest of us will have little to do except to attend as many events as we wish. For $35 we can attend most of the events and can have great fun meeting and greeting each other.

The Class of 1981 will host the reunion this year. Their theme,”Dont stop

believing, hold on to that feeling!” gives us an idea of the fun we will have as we revert to our high school years for a few hours. As we look at their senior class pictures, we know those young people are eager to return to that youth and to share their memories during the weekend. We recognize many of them because we see them fairly regularly around the area. We recognize the names of others and feel sure we will know most of them before the days come to an end.

The Class of 1961 will host the Golden Rattler Luncheon and will lead us into the past for a while as they recall their time to leave THS 50 years ago. Those of us who are already Golden Rattlers always look forward to greeting a new class each year. I look forward especially because I was privileged to be one of their teachers at THS. Being an alumna and a former teacher can cause a split personality on occasion as I try to decide which events I will attend. I am torn between being with the great Class of 1952 and that of the new Golden Rattlers. My classmates know just how much I love them, and many of my former students are learning that they are also much loved by their English teacher.

Let’s take time to thank Pam Clark and her helpers for putting together the “Rattler Reunion Annual.” They did a wonderful job and can take much credit for keeping us close as THS alumni. They have given us a beautiful keepsake and have off offered all possible encouragement for each of us to gather in August. Let’s begin dreaming about those days as we make final plans for them. Think of all the fun we will have!