County 4-Hers compete at district

Brenda Bishop

Nineteen Quay County 4-Hers ventured to Artesia for their district 4-H competition June 22 – 23. They traveled the day before and enjoyed a visit to the Carlsbad Caverns and an evening of swimming before their competitions.

The novice air rifle team of Tiana Peterson, Kaleb Hayes, Trestin Peterson and Jordan Stowe placed first with Jordan Stowe taking high point individual and Trestin Peterson taking third high point individual.

The junior archery team using sights and release included Dillon Massey, Wyatt Bishop and Trenton Lee. The team placed fourth.

In archery using a bare bow, novice Tianna Peterson was the second high individual and novice Trestin Peterson was high point individual. Junior Sam Robinson was third high individual.

In consumer decision making, the junior team of Rebecca Rush, Kaitlyn Dougherty, Aleahna Branch and Tianna Peterson placed second with Kaitlyn Dougherty taking second high individual and Rebecca Rush taking fifth high individual.

In entomology novice Avery Lee was second high individual

In the home economics bowl, the junior team of Wyatt Bishop, Taylor Hayes, Trestin Peterson and Tiana Peterson placed first.

In the home economics skill-a-thon, the junior team of Taylor Hayes, Wyatt Bishop, Dillon Massey and Summer Huizar placed third with Taylor Hayes making the second high individual.

In the horse bowl, the novice team of Treyson Runyan, Rebecca Rush, Avery Lee and Kaleb Hayes placed second.

The junior team of Trenton Lee, Aleahna Branch, Ashlee Bradley and Summer Huizar placed third.

In horse judging, novice Avery Lee was the third high individual.

In horticulture, the junior team of Kaitlyn Dougherty, Taylor Hayes and Ashlee Bradley placed fourth.

In livestock judging, the novice team of Bailey Smith, Bailey Slocum, Rebecca Rush and Treyson Runyan placed fifth

The junior team of Sam Robinson, Riley Young, Aleahna Branch and Ashlee Bradley placed third with Sam Robinson as fourth high individual.

In the livestock skill-a-thon, the novice team of Bailey Slocum, Bailey Smith and Treyson Runyan placed first with Bailey Slocum taking second high individual, Treyson Runyan third high individual and Bailey Smith fourth high individual. The junior team of Ashlee Bradley, Riley Young, Wyatt Bishop and Dillon Massey placed 5th.

In public speaking, junior Sam Robinson placed second.

In rifle, the junior team of Taylor Hayes, Tianna Peterson, Treston Peterson and Kaleb Hayes placed third with Taylor Hayes as the third high point individual.

In wildlife, the junior team of Summer Huizar, Trenton Lee, Wyatt Bishop and Dillon Massey placed fourth.

The Quay County 4-H Program is part of the Quay County Extension Service, which is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and educator.