Mom’s gear: Babba Cover

By Colleen Diskin

PRODUCT: Babba Cover “Airy” car seat sun-blocking cover



WHAT: Chemical-filled sunscreens aren’t recommended for infants, so many parents resort to using ill-fitting blankets as a sunblock over strollers and car seats. This cotton cover is lined with a fabric that has an SPF/UV-blocking rating of 40 to 50, according to its manufacturers. The sides are made of a mosquito mesh that will keep bugs out while letting air in to keep the baby from overheating.

WHO IT’S GOOD FOR: Parents of babies who still fit into standard infant car seats, which are generally designed for babies less than a year old.

AVAILABLE AT: Available at Buy Buy Baby stores or online at

TIP: To get a secure fit, make sure the car seat handle is in the upright position and slip the hole over it before sliding the cover over the front and back ends of the seat.

For easy access to your baby, roll the front half under the elastic and hang it over the handle.