Creatures add levity, perspective to life

Often when life seems to be a bit difficult, something comes along to give a few minutes of levity and helps us to regain some perspective.

In my case, for instance, creatures are the greatest ones to change the subject and to bring a modicum of relief. Of course, Aggie, my constant companion, works hard to keep my spirits from drooping too low and lets me know I can rely on her to be around. Also, because of her, other creatures often enter the scene.

One night a couple of weeks ago, she and I had been in the back yard for a few minutes and decided to return to the house. Just as I opened the door, I noticed some movement when a fairly large toad hopped into the living room. Well, something had to be done because we didn’t need any such creature in here with us. Because he was moving a little fast and was almost the color of the carpet, I grabbed a flashlight and began the chase.

We raced around the room until he found the door into the bedroom and hopped right in. Fortunately, he stopped for a few seconds to get his bearings, and I had time to grab a shoe to upend over him.

No, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I didn’t want to catch him in my hand either. By then, I was a little out of breath and was wondering what to do next. I saw a piece of cardboard, grabbed it, slid it under the shoe, and picked up the captured toad.

Of course, Aggie had been helping me by getting in the way and was still there when I turned to go outside. She was ready to repeat the scene, but I assured her she wasn’t going outside with me. I wandered out into the yard for a distance before letting the little fellow loose to hop away. At first, he just stared at me, but when I touched him with my toe, he hopped into the nearest bushes.

Upon my return to the house, I held Aggie in my arms as I laughed at our latest adventure. She had just as much fun as I and was panting while I was breathing rather heavily. We both rested for a few minutes, and I realized how relaxed we were during that time. Also, I was much aware that the activity and laughter had certainly lightened the darkness in the mind.

Yes, it we just let them, most creatures can help us by giving us something to focus on in order to change that focus from ourselves. Let’s enjoy those moments when we can.