College’s growth follows strategic plan

Special to QCS

Mesalands Community College has continued to grow and advance by establishing strategic priorities, goals, and accomplishing these goals through Tactical Objectives. The goals and objectives are the framework for the Strategic Plan. The College has developed five strategic plans to date.

The Strategic Plan for 2010-2011 addressed five strategic priorities: Capture cultural, employment, and community diversity opportunities; implement library transition; continue development of the North American Wind Research and Training Center; and assess, review, and expand academic options.

These five strategic priorities had a total of 21 goals. Of the 142 objectives identified, 125 were completed with a completion rate of 81 percent.

The College involves its board of trustees, employees, and students in the planning process. Employees identify and complete the Tactical Objectives. It is a process that is ongoing and is continually being updated. The Strategic Plan also establishes the pattern for areas where improvement is needed and identifies areas where the college can expand its procedures, operations, services, and courses being offered.

“The Strategic Plan is the single most important tool for decision making at the College,” said Dr. Mildred P. Lovato, president of Mesalands Community College. “The board of trustees and the college staff work hard to complete their Tactical Objectives, and should be commended for their dedication in the continued growth of the College.”