Two Quay County schools miss AYP mark

QCS Staff

Tucumcari Public Schools and Logan Middle school failed to make the adequate yearly progress mark for the 2011-2012 school year.

The AYP standard guidelined by the federal No Child Left Behind Act has been the subject of scrutiny by educators as the system does not measure the progress that students or schools makes.

“There are so many ways not to make AYP,” said Logan Superintendent Richard Hazen. “Smaller schools such as Logan, Tucumcari and San Jon have small sub groups that end up not making AYP and the whole school suffers.”

Hazen said last year a sub group tested and did not make AYP in math, marking the entire high school with a fail.

“We worked on that this year and we met the AYP goals in the high school,” Hazen said. “Now we had a similar problem in the middle school.”

Hazen said a large portion of the problem is AYP operates on a pass-fail platform with a higher achievement standard set for the students each year.

“We keep raising the bar making the possibility of a failing more likely each year,” Hazen said. “It is an unfair reflection on the school and teachers.”

Hazen said if the system continues as it is there is going to be a point where no school makes AYP.

“Its a shame but we are going to continue to work on it and do our best to meet AYP,” Hazen said.

New Mexico plans to ask the federal government this fall to allow the state to use its own pass-fail school rating system rather than continue with the federally mandated model. The new system has been championed by Gov. Susana Martinez as a more accurate reflection of how schools and students are doing.

According the New Mexico Public education Department 720 schools (86.6 percent), failed to make AYP. The remaining 111 schools, (13.4 percent) passed AYP standards, that is 82 (9.9) percent less than last year.

“Bottom line is we know we are doing a good job for our children in Logan,” Hazen said. “The teachers continue to do a great job providing them with a high quality education.”

Tucumcari Superintendent Aaron McKinney could not be reached immediately for comment.

San Jon and House Public Schools made AYP standards for the 2011-2012 school year.

Complete AYP results can be viewed at