New Tucumcari Rattlers football coach puts players through paces

Thomas Garcia

A continued and full effort each and every day they step on the field is the message Rattlers football coaches are instilling in their players.

“If you walk out onto this field expecting to just go through the motions, you will not make it far,” said Rattlers head coach Wayne Ferguson.

Ferguson has taken over the head coaching position following Daniel Hutchins’ resignation this summer.

“The first day was a little rough,” Ferguson said. “We didn’t have a chance to work on anything this summer and we are bringing some new looks this season.”

Players have to continue push themselves each day, said assistant coach John Span.

“You are going to make mistakes,” Span said. “But if you make that mistake at 100 mph, we can live with that.”

Ferguson said the coaches are observing the players as they practice to determine where they will be placed.

“Some of you are standing around acting a little shy trying to fit in, you need to stop that,” Ferguson said. “We need to see you step up and be alive out there.”

Players need to get excited when they step out on to the field, said assistant coach Bryan Dunlap.

“This is a game and you guys need to be excited,” Dunlap said.

Ferguson said he wants the team to work together on the little things that make them a team.

“It may not seem like much, but when we do the little things right as a team it makes us stronger,” Ferguson said. “From jumping jacks in unison to our counts on our reps, the little things lead to bigger success.”

Ferguson said on the first two days 45 students reported for practice. He said they are expecting up to five more to report by the end of the week.

“The team is working on getting to the right state of mind,” Ferguson said. “They need to be mentally strong as well as physically.”