Reunion chance to renew friendships

This weekend, Aug. 4-6, is one of the most special weekends of the year for Tucumcari High School Alumni, our friends, and relatives. Yes, we will be enjoying Rattler Reunion and recalling the great times we had at THS.

The Class of 1981 will be hosting the affair and will see that all activities go as planned. They have been working since last August and will now see all that work completed so the Class of 1982 can begin their plans for next year.

Unless we have had the opportunity to help with such plans, we have no real idea how much work is involved. Most of the responsibility is assumed by local Alumni until the weekend arrives, and then all returning classmates become involved.

Some of us remember well, how much work our local classmates did. For instance, when the Class of 1952 hosted the reunion in 1982, most of the real work was done by Betty Dickinson Sanders and a small group of local classmates. Betty kept the rest of us informed as to what was happening and made us feel that we were playing a part even though we lived at a distance. About all she could count on from us was the contribution of a few dollars to help defray some of the expenses. She could then count on us to come home to enjoy the reunion and to do very little work because she had done most of it throughout the year.

When we see hundreds of THS alumni return to Tucumcari, we see many happy faces eagerly greeting friends of all ages. Our town comes to life for a few days as people drive around the area tracing their memories and their trails of the past. They are the ones who can tell us where earlier businesses were located and where many of our old friends lived. They become the instant historians and can tell us many stories of the past that made life so interesting for all concerned.

As we look at the many THS Alumni returning for a few days, we are well aware that our school days meant much to each of us. We spend most of our time recalling events of the past, telling stories about our teachers, and recounting colorful experiences caused by some of our mischief makers. We hear laughter at every turn and see what the gathering means to so many of us.

Let’s all enjoy the coming days and attend as many activities as possible. We have this opportunity to show our gratitude for having received a top education at THS and to renew our long standing friendships with all ages of former students. We have the honor of having Mrs. Sue Wallace Tucek, Class of 1929, as our main Golden Rattler and as a favorite teacher at THS. Thank you, Mrs. Tucek for all you have done for us through the years.