Better to look forward to future

Thomas Garcia

“Another day older and deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t call me cause I can’t go I owe my soul to the company store.”

OK, so maybe it isn’t that bad that I turned 31 years old on Monday. It has long been the truth and still is that I’m the youngest amongst most of my friends.

Oh, sure, I am older than a great many of my friends, but mostly I am the youngest.

Over the years that has led to me being called “a pup” or told “your just a baby.” Now that I turned 31, I am hopping that stops, but more than likely it won’t.

The reaction I have gotten by telling people I am 31 has been “really just 31?” or “Wow, I thought you were older.” I think I’ll like the “just 31” comments for now.

I just have to remember to avoid those getting older statements such as “back in my day,” or “when I was your age.” I never once thought I would be that older guy talking about the glory of his youth. You know, reliving those past triumphs or blaming some past mistake.

I’ve always looked toward the future and was not one to dwell on the past. Besides, I can only learn and move on from history, I can’t very well change it.

I would hope with this new year comes an added amount of wisdom to help me navigate the unknown year before me.

However, I’m sure I will make some of the same mistakes that I made last year. Such as karaoke on a Thursday, which makes for a lovely Friday workday by the way.

In the end, I am certain that I will make better choices and live a fuller, richer life this year.

Having said that, I should probably mention that my brother has planned a late birthday party/hometown reunion this weekend.

Now I’m not going to say we are going to gather around a bowl of punch and exchange stories about our lives and memories from the past. It’ll be more like punch each other in the arm and laugh about those embarrassing times that we thought people had forgotten or at least hoped they had.

I am looking forward to spending time with all of my old friends. We have all come so far and moved so far away from one another. Sure we use Facebook to keep in touch, but it’s much better when you can see their faces turn red or watch them try to hide that smile, and especially when you hear them laugh.