Maltese dog returns safely to family

Thomas Garcia

The sound of laughter and barking could be heard over the phone as Monica Benson described Ceaser’s homecoming.

Benson said Ceaser’s return on Saturday was one of joy and anticipation.

“The kids met him at the front porch,” Benson said. “Ceaser saw the kids and ran over and began to lick them.”

Ceaser a Maltese dog had arrived Saturday night at the home of his family in Clio, Mich. Ceaser had left Tucumcari on Aug. 9 traveling 1,424 miles by way of motor vehicle and plane.

“It is simply fantastic that he is here,” Benson said. “It still seems so incredible to me.”

Ceaser’s trip to reunited him with his owners more than a year after he disappeared following a vehicle accident on Interstate 40 that resulted in the death of two family members.

Ceaser was transported by several volunteers on his journey. Gina Hyatt of Clark Lake, Mich., drove Ceaser the last 118 miles from Battle Creek, Mich., to the front porch of his family’s home.

“Ceaser was acting anxious, but that is understandable having being transferred from person-to-person,” Hyatt said. “He was interested in his surroundings and looked out the front windshield as we traveled.”

Hyatt said she and her husband, Logan, had transported animals to new homes before. However, Hyatt said this time it was a very different experience.

“Normally the animals we have transported in the past were going to a new home,” Hyatt said. “This was the first time I traveled to return a dog to an owner. It was an unique experience.”

Hyatt said Ceaser started getting excited as they pulled into driveway.

“I think he smelled his family,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt said she placed Ceaser on the ground and he ran to the kids and went bananas when he saw Monica.

“I am so happy he is home,” Benson said. “I was embarrassed with all the media attention. Though it was all worth it. This morning I woke up and Ceaser was sleeping in the bed with me. It was amazing.”