Parents, students cope with first day of school

Thomas Garcia

As the school year begins, some parents are dealing with the emotions of their child starting kindergarten, while others prepare for a senior’s graduation.

“It was heartbreaking, but I want him to spread his wings,” said Erin Merrill of Logan.

Merill said it was hard to let go and walk away as her son Bryce started Kindergarten on Monday.

“I did not want to cry and have him get scared,” Merrill said. “He was excited to see the other kids.”

Merrill said she waited anxiously for the day to pass and find out how things went.

“I was nervous,” Merill said. “When I read the school supply list it had scissors on it. I said He can’t have scissors, he’ll cut himself.’”

Merill met Bryce at the bus stop and spoke with him about his first day.

Bryce said he had fun at school and met new friends he likes to play with on the big playground.

“My teacher is really nice and silly,” Bryce said.

Bryce said he likes having his own desk to sit in other than he has to sit by a girl. He asked, “Why girls don’t have their own school?”

Merrill said Bryce is taking a big step in his life starting school. Kim Lubera shared the sentiment as she prepares for her daughter Ashley Lubera to graduate.

“It’s hard to say how it feels without becoming emotional, I try not to think about it,” Lubera said.

Lubera said she knows it is going to be hard once graduation gets closer.

“She’s not my little girl any more,” Lubera said. “Just the other day she started talking about senior pictures.”

While her mother is trying not to think about her leaving, Ashley said she is doing her best to make the final year count.

“I am going to make as many memories as I can,” Ashley said. “It’s also important as a senior to be a good example.”

Ashley said she knows this final year will be emotional. She said she will concentrate on her grades and work on scholarship applications.

“There is a lot to be done,” Ashley said. “I’ll just have to do my best to finish it all.”