Pet made special memories

On Sunday, Aug.a 14, Dame Agatha Christie, aka Aggie died at her home on this corner. Fortunately, she had a short illness which began on Thursday evening. She was kept as comfortable as possible during that brief interval. Aggie, part blue heeler and part border collie, became boss on this corner on August 8, 1999, when she was handed to me during Rattler Reunion. She began working her way into my heart on that day and built a very large room there during her twelve years. She built a sizeable fan club of readers by writing her own column for a number of years. She decided to reserve those stories for our quiet times and quit writing while she was still popular with those fans.

Those of us who love our pets are much aware that they are most definitely our best friends. They are always ready to greet us, no matter what our moods and are eager to share their love with us throughout their all too short lives. They can usually cause us to smile even when we don’t feel that we will ever smile again, and they give us a wonderful reason to get up each morning to tend to their needs.

These beautiful creatures do far more for us than we ever do for them and do it so quietly that we are often unaware of just how much they are really giving us. They tend to sense our moods and learn to react to them in a few short weeks of their arrival. They seem to know when to be particularly playful and when to be unusually quiet. They try very hard to teach us how to enjoy life and how to be as loyal as they are. If we could but learn from them, we surely would be better people. Unfortunately, many of us are rather slow learners, but even it we learn a little lesson or two, we are better people for having been taught by our pets.

During most of my childhood, we had pets in our family. We all learned from them and loved each of them, especially our dogs, who always stayed in the house with us. Because I wasn’t exactly brave at night, I usually had our dog sleeping with me or near me so I wouldn’t be too alarmed when I’d awaken during the night. That habit never changed as I became an adult and was given my own dogs to keep me going. Each pet has played a major role in my life, and each one is remembered individually. New pets never replace the old ones; they just create a new niche in our hearts and remain there forever. Aggie certainly created her niche and will be safe there as long as I live. She was a great companion and a wonderful friend!